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Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center – About Us

Our motto at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida, is “Treatment Leading to Long-Term Recovery.” With a broad reach across many different medical fields, our board-certified physicians, registered nurses, licensed therapists, and other healthcare professionals work as a team to ensure our patients receive the best possible care. The goal is to help improve our patients’ overall wellness in all facets of health, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Leadership Team

The leadership team at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida, has a combined 90 years of experience. We specialize in treating patients struggling with substance abuse, whether illicit drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication, as well as behavioral disorders and mental illnesses.

Leading our efforts as medical director is Dr. Raymond Pomm, a triple board-certified psychiatrist in addiction, psychiatry, and addiction psychiatry. With that combination, he is an irreplaceable asset to not only the patients but the other staff members as well. Since earning his medical degree from the Meharry Medical School, he has faithfully served patients for more than 38 years.

Before coming to the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center, Dr. Pomm was the medical director of Florida’s Impaired Professional Program, known for handling addiction, psychiatric, and physical impairment issues of physicians, as well as other licensed medical professionals. He also worked as an expert on the same issues alongside attorneys with the Florida Board of Bar Examiners.

Other key members of the leadership team include:

Mr. Pearson serves as the chief executive officer. Previously, he worked as the chief prosecutor of pain management clinics for the Florida Department of Health and as the president of the Florida Government Bar Association and the American Controlled Substance Foundation.

With 15 years of experience counseling people with substance abuse, mental health disorders and a focus on family therapy and codependency, Amy Hancock now serves as the director of behavioral health sciences.

With 25 years of nursing experience and as a certified family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, Kristin Barrett is a significant asset to our leadership team.

As the behavioral health technician manager, Michael Westerfield brings nine years of substance abuse treatment and counseling experience to the table.

Being the recipient of the coveted Pharmacy Alumnus Award in 1999 is just one example of Mike Stamitoles’ dedication and determination to help patients overcome addition, behavioral disorders, and mental health issues through controlled pharmaceuticals.


The Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center maintains four licenses, in addition to a license from the Department of Health.

Innovative Programs

Our specialized rehabilitation center offers patients a comfortable and safe living environment. With our innovative treatment and professional support throughout the recovery process, patients learn to take back control of their lives.

We follow the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation evidence-based treatment program called “Living in Balance.” With this program and numerous experiential therapies; including visits to the hot springs, Dalton therapy, and beach excursions, our patients achieve excellent results in their quest to beat an addiction or behavioral issue.

As a supplement to the eight hours of group therapy with the Hazelden approach(a relatively hardcore physiological treatment), our patients get time off to play with dolphins, as well as wolves kept in a shelter to protect the red and gray species.

Long-Term Success

We offer treatment and recovery solutions that transform peoples’ lives. For individuals serious about recovery from substance abuse or getting help for a behavioral disorder or mental health problem, the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center is a trusted place to go for success.