Acupuncture: Another Essential Therapy for Addiction Recovery


At the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida, we provide our patients customized treatment plans. Acupuncture is part of that. In addition to helping patients go through a successful medical detoxification process, this therapy helps in the longterm. That means that people can benefit from acupuncture while at our facility and after returning home to enjoy a life of sobriety.

How Acupuncture Works

With acupuncture, one of our licensed acupuncturists inserts tiny needles just below the surface of the skin. As they are experts, there is no pain involved. Although a lot of people have this form of Chinese medicine performed to eliminate pain, it is also highly beneficial while recovering from alcohol, illicit drug, or prescription medication abuse, as well as behavioral disorders.

Acupuncture balances the life force or flow of energy known as qi (chee). Inserting the fine needles at strategic places on the body opens pathways in the body known as meridians. For people with an addiction –such as alcohol, drug, food, gambling, or nicotine –we use acupuncture along with medical detoxification and other therapies to help our patients achieve long-term sobriety.

As the meridians in the body clear, our patients have fewer, if any, cravings for their substance of choice. They also have an easier time going through detox and notice dramatically improved sleep. However, acupuncture is not just beneficial physically. It creates a sense of peace and well-being, meaning it positively affects patients mentally and emotionally, as well.

The brain consists of different chemicals, including endorphins. Because endorphins mimic morphine, people often referred to them as “feel-good” chemicals. Research shows that acupunctureincreases endorphin production within the nervous system.

People working to overcome an addiction begin to focus on the natural high that acupuncture provides instead of the substance they abuse. The same thing happens with physical exercise, which is why we also have qualified personal trainers at our Panama City, Florida, facility.

Along with increasing endorphins, acupuncture decreases the production of another chemical in the brain called dopamine. For addicts, dopamine enhances the “buzz-like” effect caused by alcohol or drugs. Without that surge, the “high”that addicts get from an abusive substance diminishes greatly. For that reason, our patients have a high success rate after going through our recovery and rehabilitation program.

Acupuncture to Overcome an Addiction

If you struggle with an addiction, whether shortor longterm, acupuncture is a viable therapy that will help you through the recovery process and beyond. When combined with the other customized treatments and therapies that we provide at the Florida Wellness and Recovery Center, along with ongoing counseling and support, acupuncture provides incredible benefits.

Along with reducing cravings, acupuncture eases withdrawal symptoms, lessens physical pain, regulates emotions, improves sleep, decreases stress and anxiety, and increases patient retention. Because alcohol and drugs give people a feeling of euphoria and pleasure, it is essential to replace the harmful substanceswithsomething good that creates those same feelings. That is exactly what acupuncture does.

Customized Treatments

Our highly qualified staff at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida, never looks at people asaddicts. We see everyone as individuals who need customized treatments. Instead of thinking there is no hope, we feel confident that we can help you overcome any addiction. Take control today by giving us a call.