Addiction Recovery

Superior Programs for Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitation

The Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center Project offers superior programs to help people overcome an addiction, behavioral disorder, or mental health issue. Although we maintain a facility in Panama City, Florida, people come from near and far to utilize our services so they can take back control of their lives. One of the many things that makeus unique is that we focus on helping patients achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With a full recovery, they can go on with life, enjoying the things they love the most.


The first step of our program involves ridding the body of harmful toxins, whether alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription medication. Of all the steps in the recovery process, this is the one that people fear the most. Especially when dealing with a heroin or opiate addiction, an improper detoxification process can cause unnecessary physical and mental pain. At the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center, we understand that, which is why we take acompletely different approach.

The entire staff, including board-certified physicians, registered nurses, and other dedicated medical and mental health personnel, treat patients with compassion. As part of detoxification, our patients receive around the clock monitoring. As a result, they have a comfortable and safe experience that yields excellent results. If the fear of detoxifying your body is holding you back, we promise to take outstanding care of you during this process.

Residential Treatment

We also have a unique 90-day inpatient program that we offer at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center. Not only do we treat the primary problem, but any secondary issues as well. As a perfect example, we provide our patients who struggle with addiction and mental healtha dual customized treatment. That rebalances both body and mind for a full and long-lasting recovery.

Our residential treatment is unique for yet another reason. We base our services on the disease concept of addiction coupled with the family systems theory. That allows us to focus on the most minute detail so that nothing is ever overlooked. We even have trauma-informed care available.

Partial Hospitalization

At the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida, we personalize every patient treatment plan. Included in the partial hospitalization, family members also receive education and treatment. With everyone on the same page, our patients have the support and understanding needed from loved ones.

At no time do we look at people who come to us as addicts, but rather, individuals seeking to restore good physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. To emphasize that, patients work with highly-qualified medical professionals and while at our facility in Panama City, Florida, they live in an upscale apartment setting. Because we want you to focus solely on getting better, we provide a “home away from home.”

Seeking Treatment Today

With everything that we offer at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center, there is no reason to delay recovery and rehabilitation. At our Panama City, Florida, facility, you will have all the help needed to achieve your goal of a full recovery. Start the process of taking control of your life by contacting us today.