Incredible On- and Off-Site Amenities

At the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida, our number one priority is helping people overcome addiction through innovative treatments and rehabilitation. However, for these individuals to achieve success, we offer much more.

After all, a lot of people struggle when leaving family and friends behind to enter our facility. To eliminate outside distractions and put patients at ease, we make sure they have everything they need and more. That way, they can focus on the primary reason for visiting us, which is recovery.

Upscale Living

We want to make our partial hospitalization patients feel at home as much as possible. To accomplish that, we set them up in an upscale living environment. There, they have access to all the comforts they are accustomed to, which helps them relax. Not only are the accommodations comfortable, but they are also safe. That combination helps them more effectively deal with the issue at hand.

Support and Counseling

For patients having a difficult time, who are perhaps feeling lonely or even scared, we provide excellent physical and mental health support and counseling. Whenever they need to talk to someone, whether about their addiction, a behavioral disorder, or something entirely different, our professional staff is always available.

Beach Excursions

We know that having fun outside of our Panama City, Florida, facility plays a critical role in the overall recovery process. For that reason, we offer beach excursions for anyone who wants to enjoy time in and around the ocean. Included in this are activities like horseback riding, bonfires, game nights, and even cruises to Shell Island. We also have river tubing adventures available.

Game Room

Our Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center has an incredible game room complete with two 70-inch 4K flat-screen televisions. For those who enjoy multi-player gaming, one of the units features a Wii and Nintendo switch. However, there is more. Our game room includes indoor shuffleboard, foosball tables, and two board/card game tables. All this allows people to take a break from the recovery regimen and make new friends going through a similar experience.

Therapeutic Interactions

Another factor that makes our program different is that we incorporate fun therapeutic sessions into the more regimented treatments. Recovering from an addiction or behavioral disorder requires dedication and hard work. With these unique therapies, our patients make great strides while having fun. As part of this, patients can enjoy personal interactions with dolphins, horses, marine life, and even wolves.

Taking a Unique Approach

Compared to other recovery facilities in Panama City, Florida, and beyond, what we provide patients at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center is unique. Unfortunately, many centers continue using methods from 20 or 30 years ago, which means that people do not achieve long-term success. We have taken a broken system and improved on it by giving our patients customized solutions that work.

If you struggle with a physical or mental addiction and need professional help, our staff would love the opportunity to help you reach your goal of full sobriety and control. Call today to learn more about our program!