We Offer Safe and Comfortable Detoxification

What we offer at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center is a medical detox. That means that throughout the entire detoxification process, you have a team of medical experts monitoring and caring for you.

Although detoxification is difficult for anyone with a substance abuse problem, it is especially challenging for individuals addicted to heroin and opiates. Our medical detox helps you through not only the physical part of detoxification but also the mental and emotional. As a team of board-certified physicians, registered nurses, licensed pharmacists and therapists, and other experts in the medical field, we understand that chemical dependency poses a serious risk. For that reason, our patients complete detoxification in a safe and comfortable environment.

Customized Programs

Instead of ridding the body of toxins quickly, we will take you through a systematic withdrawal process. That helps tremendously with the discomfort of withdrawal physically, mentally, and emotionally. Regardless of the substance dependency you have, our goal is to see you through recovery from beginning to end.

At no time do our medical professionals offer patients cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, they customize a medical detoxification plan based on your specific needs. To accomplish that, they first assess your medical and emotional needs. If required, they will also offer nonaddictive prescription medication, as well as counseling and psychiatric assistance.

As part of our medical detox at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida, we teach you how to identify triggers. That combined with education on coping tools and strategies gives you the best chance for beating your addiction and living a long, happy, and healthy life.

In addition to standing by your side during the detoxification process, we create a long-term treatment and recovery plan for afterward. We even offer a relapse prevention program. Everyone on staff at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center desperately wants to see you succeed so that you can go on with life, enjoying it to the fullest.

Successful Detoxification

Our medical detox program has a high rate of success. Over the course of seven days, we will help eliminate harmful toxins from your body and realign your mindset. Although we have hospitalization available, one thing that makes our detoxification program at Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center unique is that you can successfully complete detox without the need for extensive inpatient treatment. Keep in mind that if you battle with a heroin or opiate addiction, we may decide that an overnight stay at our Panama City, Florida, facility is the safest option.

Unfortunately, the number 1 reason many people addicted to alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medication refuse to go through detox or leave before completing the program has to do with severe withdrawal symptoms. To avoid putting our patients through that, we take a systematic approach to detoxification that involves trained medical staff providing 24-hour supervision to ensure a safe and comfortable process.

Allow Us to Help

If you made the decision to get clean, we are 100 percent confident that we can help and in only seven days. Take back control of your life today by contacting us at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida. We believe in you and your success.