Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an addiction problem with alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit drugs or battle some kind of behavioral disorder with or without a mental health illness, our team of board-certified and licensed medical professionals at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center are here to help. Although you can call us at any time for information, we have provided answers to some of the more commonly asked questions to encourage you to seek treatment today.

What is the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center?

We are a faith-based detoxification, recovery, and rehabilitation center that provides help to patients as well as their family members. In addition to treatments and therapies throughout the recovery process, we also offer counseling, support, and relapse prevention sessions following your completion of the program.

What makes your Panama City, Florida, facility different from others?

There are several factors that set us apart. For instance, our partial hospitalization patients stay in an upscale housing environment with all the comforts of home. We also offer our patients a broad range of standard and customized treatments and therapies. We even have off-site excursions, a large game room, and other fun activities to help break the monotony of recovery.

What are the most common mental health issues you treat in addition to substance abuse?

At the Florida Wellness and Recovery Center, we provide a dual diagnosis and treatment plan for individuals with both substance abuse and behavioral problems. The types of mental health issues that we see most often include anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder, although there are many others.

What are some examples of the unique therapies offered at your Panama City facility?

In addition to bonfires, games, swimming with dolphins, and horseback riding on the beach, our patients can take advantage of therapies like acupuncture, yoga, meditation, poetry, and even one-on-one work with a personal trainer in our state-of-the-art gym.

Do you have a good success rate?

Yes, and the reason for our recovery rate is that we focus on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We know that for full and lasting recovery, being balanced is critical. Using innovative diagnosis and treatment methods combined with compassionate and qualified doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel, most people who visit our Panama City, Florida, facility get and stay clean.

Do you accept insurance?

We do. At this time, we work directly with PPO providers and assist with active worker’s compensation claims in the state of Florida. If you need assistance or information, we have an incredible front office staff.

How do people know when they need professional help with a substance abuse or behavioral disorder?

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. If you have tried recovery or rehabilitation before but failed, cannot go long periods without taking a drink or drug, focus more on your addiction than your family, have heard from people who love you that you need help, or feel embarrassed, guilty, and ashamed of your situation, now is the time to seek treatment.

What approach do you take in treating patients?

We never offer anyone a cookie-cutter solution. Instead, we customize treatments on a patient-by-patient basis. Our goal is to provide a full wellness solution that covers the critical facets of health, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We follow the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation evidence-based treatment program called “Living in Balance.” We also offermany experiential therapies, including Dalton therapy,visits to the Springs, and beach excursions. Our innovative approach helps our patients achieve excellent results.

Do you offer support for family members?

Yes, and in fact, we feel that educating the entire family plays a key role in our patients’ long-term success. By learning about a person’s specific issue and how to avoid codependency situations, family members become dedicated supporters of sobriety as opposed to enablers.

What types of programs do you offer?

At the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida, we have several unique programs, each customized according to a patient’s needs. Included is a 30-day medical detoxification. Throughout that time, our patients receive excellent care and all the support they need. We also have a 90-day hospital inpatient program, as well as a months-long outpatient treatment program. For that, patients live in an upscale home environment while attending group sessions and receiving unwavering support.

Do you have a good success rate?

The entire staff at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center is proud of ourhigh success rate. Our programs, top leadership team, and fun excursions help patients see and experience life outside of substance abuse, behavioral disorders, and mental health issues.

Do you keep patient information confidential?

Absolutely, not only to comply with current HIPPA laws but also as a moral decision to put our patients at ease. After all, some people come to our facility with severe problems. Our goal is to help them take back control of their lives. Leaked information would prove detrimental to our efforts.

What type of staff do you have?

At the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center, our leadership team consists of board-certified medical and mental health physicians, licensed therapists and social workers, registered nurses and nurse practitioners, licensed pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. We also have non-medical personnel who perform multiple duties to help our patients with scheduling, insurance, and other tasks, making their treatment and recovery less stressful.

Do you offer any kind of after-care program?

Yes, we have an excellent relapse prevention program, which is just as critical as going through detoxification and therapy. Although many of our patients do extremely well after completing our treatment and recovery program, some struggle. The after-care help gives those who need it added support, encouragement, and motivation to continue forward in their sobriety.

How can I contact your facility?

If you or someone you know needs professional and caring help to overcome an addiction to illicit drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication or struggles with a behavioral disorder or mental health issue, call 805-640-1642 or email us at info@panamacitysprings.com. We are here to help patients take back control of their lives.


Contact us today at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center for professional guidance and medical help in overcoming your addiction or disorder.