Incredible Beach Excursions

Incredible Beach Excursions

With years of experience and based on input from our incredible team of board-certified physicians, registered nurses, therapists, and other medical professionals, we know that physical activity and nature play a critical role in overcoming an addiction. For that reason, the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida, offers our patients a variety of adventures, including beach excursions.

We strongly believe that for people with an alcohol, illegal drug, or prescription medication addiction or behavioral disorder to succeed, it is vital to introduce them to new experiences while gently pushing them beyond their comfort levels. By challenging themselves, our patients learn that they can succeed at things they never before thought possible.

Customized Treatments

Just as we do with all our customized treatments, we create individualized beach excursions on a patient-by-patient basis. While some enjoy horseback riding along the beach, others prefer to just walk around and feel the sand between their feet and the sun on their face. We design our excursions to both stimulate our patients and give them a sense of peace outside of our Panama City, Florida, facility.

Even people without an addiction problem, behavioral disorder, or mental illness know how calming and invigorating nature is, especially around the beach. We use that to our advantage in helping our patients overcome the biggest battle of their lives. Our goal is not only to push them to new limits but also make them feel alive. For the evolution of recovery, beach excursions are a critical tool.

With our facility in Florida, we have the opportunity to include beach excursions as part of our overall recovery and rehabilitation program. Qualified members of our staff lead the way, using the time to further heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. By allowing our patients to connect with nature after medical detoxification, they have the chance to meditate and reflect on past decisions while dreaming about their futures.

Setting Goals

In an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, our patients at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center find the hope that they once lost. They can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna, walk through grassy parks, or just lay out in the sun. There are two goals to our beach excursions. First, we want to show our patients the positive side of life through a unique combination of relaxation and stimulation. Second, we want to get them outside of the clinical setting, which is an important part of the recovery process.

We have licensed counselors and therapists on hand at all times who talk to the patients while they are enjoying their beach excursions. Whether taking a boat ride or swimming in the water, they know they have the support theyeven outside of our Panama City, Florida, facility. For us, it is crucial that our patients know we have their backs while both while in the program and afterward.

An Innovative Recovery and Rehabilitation Program

Unlike many facilities, the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center takes a proven yet unique approach. It all starts with a customized treatment plan that gives people the best chance of lifelong sobriety. If you struggle with an addiction, behavioral disorder, or mental illness, we are here to help.