Multifaceted Therapeutic Interactions

Multifaceted Therapeutic Interactions

Our medical and mental health professionals at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center know that different therapeutic interactions are critical for patients going through detoxification, recovery, and rehabilitation. For that reason, we offer many different types of interactions, all customized based on the patient and that individual’s needs.

Family Therapy

One reason so many other recovery centers fail is that once a person gets clean, they return to an unhealthy home environment. Not that family members try to undo all the hard work, but because of a lack of education and understanding, they do not provide the support the patient needs during the critical after-program period. Because of this, we take a unique approach by providing family therapy along with patient care.

With interactive therapeutic sessions, members of the patient’s family learn about the specific addiction, what it does to the patient physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and how to offer the right type of support to help their loved one achieve lifelong sobriety. Our family therapy is an effective way to promote positive change.

Along with educating family members, these therapeutic interactions help repair damaged relationships as a result of an alcohol, illegal drug, or prescription medication addictions. It accomplishes the same goal for patients overcoming a behavioral disorder or mental health issue. With a better understanding of the situation as a whole, patients and their families can come together as one to continue working on the underlying cause of substance abuse.

Keep in mind that regardless of the therapeutic interaction inside or outside of our Panama City, Florida, facility, we always have a medical or mental health professional, or both, involved. With incredible knowledge and skills, our experts help both the patient and family members. While it typically takes several sessions to develop open communication, with patience and determination, great things begin to happen.

Support Groups

We also have various support groups where our patients share their personal struggles with other patients at our facility. In a safe and non-judgmental setting, these groups help the patients with overcoming an addiction or behavioral disorder. In other words, everyone learns something that they can use at some point in life.

Just as we customize treatment plans for our patients at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center, we carefully select the appropriate support group. The goal is to surround patients with the right people to ensure they have a positive experience. We want them to leave each meeting feeling more empowered and having a greater sense of self.

Outside Therapeutic Interactions

Even the therapeutic interactions that we provide on the outside, such as swimming with dolphins and riding horses on the beach,help to make the recovery process easier, faster, and more successful. Through interactions with people and animals, our patients begin to learn and show respect, understanding, trust, honesty, empathy, confidence, and self-awareness.

Start a New Chapter

Now is the perfect time to start a new chapter in your life. Whether you have an addiction to alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medication, gambling, nicotine, or food, or you struggle with a behavioral disorder or mental health issue, our compassionate staff at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida,can help you achieve lifetime sobriety.