Poetry Therapy

Using Words to Heal with Poetry Therapy

At the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center, we take great pride in offering our patients unique therapies that work incredibly well for both addiction and behavioral disorders. Poetry therapy is one of these that greatly benefits our patients’ efforts to achieve a sober and healthy life.

Whether listening to someone reading poetry or writing poetry and reading it before a group, the words have special healing power. As a faith-based facility, we focus on not only the physical aspect of addiction but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual. Poetic words have a way of reaching down inside of people’s hearts and souls to make a significant and lasting impression.

Expressive Art

As a form of expressive art, our poetry therapy helps many of our patients. In addition to giving them something else to focus on while overcoming an addiction or behavioral disorder, we encourage our patients to produce their own literary works that they can share or rely on at some point in the future. In a safe and nonjudgmental environment, the people who come to our Panama City, Florida, facility for professional help find that hearing others’ stories and writing about their deep-seated emotions makes a difference in their sobriety.

The poetry therapy that we offer at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center promotes well-being and health, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Even for our patients who struggle with a secondary problem of mental illness, poetry has a way of touching on certain emotions and thoughts, correcting and redirecting them.

Professional Staff

Along with board-certified physicians, registered nurses, licensed pharmacists, and various other medical professionals, we have a registered poetry therapist on staff. We find that poetry in a controlled setting allows people to explore their innermost memories and feelings that led to a substance abuse or behavioral problem. We use poetry therapy as a viable vehicle for people to express their emotions, things that they would otherwise cover up and pretend never existed.

Another benefit of the poetry therapy that we offer at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center is that it promotes exploration and self-reflection. As a result, our patients begin to become more aware of themselves and their actions. It also helps clear the mind so that people can make better sense of their choices and the world around them.

More Effective Therapy

Along with helping patients redefine their situation by perceiving reality in a different way, the poetry therapy at our Panama City, Florida, facility helps our medical and healthcare professionals. With this therapy, our staff can gain a deeper understanding of the patients they treat, which allows them to create more effective individualized treatment plans.

Keep in mind that in addition to poetry therapy, we offer an assortment of innovative treatments at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center. For both addiction and behavioral issues, we think outside the box to give our patients the best hope for lifelong recovery. Even after completing detoxification or an in- or outpatient treatment, we have excellent support and relapse prevention programs.

Stop Struggling and Seek Help

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