Proper Diet and Nutrition

Improve Your Health and Recover Faster with Proper Diet and Nutrition

Just as alcohol, illegal drugs, and the wrong type or dosage of prescription medications harm the body and mind, proper diet and nutrition improve health. In particular, drugs and alcohol not only affect a person’s external appearance but also their internal systems. The good news is that licensed dieticians and nutritionistscan bring your body and mind back into balance. Along with improving your health, you will recover from your addiction faster.

Proper diet and nutrition play a critical role in both physical and mental health. For that reason, we incorporate the two as part of the treatment plans we customize for our patients at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida. First, you will go through a seven-day medical detoxification to flush the toxins from your body. From there, we will then introduce you to healthy meals, including lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber.

According to the most recent studies on diet and nutrition, people struggling with an addiction problemare at greater risk for relapse when they are not eating healthy meals on a regular basis. Because alcoholics and drug addicts often care more about fueling their body with dangerous substances than they do about eating right, this creates a vicious cycle.

Often, once people with addiction issues start making progress on the road to recovery, they tend to overeat. At our Panama City, Florida, facility, we educate our patients on how to pay attention to their bodies to distinguish stress and cravings from real hunger. We also focus on proper hydration, which also plays a key role in the overall recovery process.

Expert Support

Ourteam of board-certified physicians, registered nurses, and other licensed healthcare professionals involved with your sobrietywill monitor your health and nutritional intake following detoxification. In fact, our dieticians and nutritionistsare a vital part of our recovery and rehabilitation program. Without their professional insight, our patients would have a more difficult time achieving success. At our facility, we offer excellent nutrition counseling.

Our goal is to help patients develop good eating habits while they recover from the effects of drugs and alcohol. By combining diet and nutrition with our other innovative therapies, patients see quick progress and lasting results. We give our patients the best chance of recovering from an alcohol, illegal drug, or prescription medication addiction and for maintaining a life of sobriety.

Physical and Mental Improvement

By eating healthy meals, patients begin to experienceimproved clarity of thought. With chemical messengers in the brain functioning properly, they sleep betterand start to view the world around them differently. Positive changes occur physically as well. After ridding the body of harmful toxins and feeding it the nutrition it needs, the body begins to perform optimally. Over time, cravings diminish, organs and nerves return to normal functioning, and energy increases.

Our team of professional dieticians and nutritionistsat the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama, Florida, are here to help you through the recovery process. Call today to schedule an assessment.