Using Yoga and Meditation to Overcome an Addiction

First developed between 5,000 and 10,000 years ago, yoga and meditation are critical aspects of our recovery program at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center in Panama, Florida. While some people perform yoga to stay physically fit, it helps our patients during and after the addiction recovery process. All patients with a substance abuse problem, behavioral disorder, and mental illnessbenefit from these two therapies.

Yoga for Recovery and Sobriety

Yoga poses, formally called asanas, help increase the body’s agility while stimulating different systems within the body, including lymphatic, glandular, hormonal, digestion, and more. Each pose focuses on a specific part of the body and its function. For instance, “downward facing dog” works by calming the nervous system, while “cobra” activates the excretory organs and cleanses the kidneys.

One of the primary benefits of yoga is that it strengthens and elongates the spine and muscles. For someone going through a medical detoxification at our Panama City, Florida, facility, thishelps by releasing harmful toxins builtup within the body. While some poses give patients a mental sense of freedom, others increase the rotation of the upper body, which stimulates digestion. Because a lot of people with a substance abuse problem have a difficult time eating, those poses play a critical part in achieving optimal health.

Although we provide our patients going through medical detoxification a safe and comfortable environment, some discomfort is inevitable. Both yoga and meditation help with that, as well. Using various poses, yoga loosens tight hamstrings, relieves pressure on the lower back, and eliminates stiffness in the neck.

Yoga and meditation also include unique breathing techniques to help the body and mind relax. Not only is this beneficial while going through detox, a 90-day inpatient stay, or working through an addiction during partial hospitalization, it serves as a valuable tool throughout life. Our yoga and meditation specialists at the Florida Wellness and Recovery Center will teach you everything you need to know. Ultimately, you will breathe easier, sleep better, have more clarity of mind, and physically feel better.

Full Recovery

Our Panama City, Florida, facility is faithbased, which means we focus on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery. The remarkable thing about yoga and meditation is that they help harmonize the entire person. Yoga, in particular, creates an overall sense of well-being and peace, which is vital for people overcoming an addiction.

While yoga is a form of meditation, we offer other meditating techniques to make the recovery process easier and faster. These two things combined relieve pain, improve movement, build strength, and create mental clarity. Yoga and meditation are also excellent distractions. Instead of focusing on their next fix, patients become aware of their posture, breathing, and stretching.

Another reason we offer yoga and meditation at the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center is that they cause people to sweat. Especially during or immediately after completing medical detox, they flush any remaining harmful toxins from the body. We customize all our treatments to each patient, including yoga. With many different forms, there is a right pace for everyone.

Seeking the Help You Need

To learn more about the Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center and the various therapies and treatments we provide, we invite you to call or visit our Panama City, Florida, facility.